Peter Buck

(Associate) Principal Consultant/Cyber Evaluator

Peter has a long history of working with the CyTAL team members on key projects and brings experience of financial and real-time systems development, from coding to architecting, combined with a history of consulting on advanced technology projects. He has taken strategic review and advisory roles, working with blue chip clients in areas including financial information systems, communications, e-commerce, public key infrastructure, smart cards, smart meters, and electronic delivery of government services to citizens. He is also known as a communicator of technology, bridging the gap between research labs, coding teams, and board room. In June 2012 Peter was appointed as editor of Imperial ENGINEER, the twice-yearly magazine for engineering alumni of Imperial College London, which he still edits today.

Peter started his career at the London Stock Exchange as a systems programmer, becoming chief architect, designer and development manager for a keystone system for the City’s Big Bang in October 1986. He moved into the Advanced Technology group and was appointed by the Executive Director of Strategic Engineering to a task force evaluating all existing IT systems at the Stock Exchange and defining the IT strategy for all future systems. Peter then moved to consultancy, working with clients including Swift, Dow Jones Telerate, Sainsbury’s, Mercury one-2-one (now EE), and NatWest. For NatWest Peter work extensively on the Mondex electronic cash project, the strategic role of PKI, and represented NatWest on an ad-hoc advisory group to The Cabinet Office on issues relating to the deployment of PKI and use of certification, registration authorities and smart cards. As an independent consultant he worked with clients including Abbey National, APACS, BACS, Barclaycard, Barclays, Nationwide, SiVenture, and Context IS.


Peter is a CyTAL Associate: as such he supports internal project delivery processes and also brings his expertise to our consultancy and testing projects.

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