Rich Harker

Senior Developer/Cyber Evaluator

Rich is a senior software engineer and cyber evaluator at CyTAL. Rich has a real passion for working with customers to find vulnerabilities and/or functional issues in products – if there is an issue, Rich will find it!

Rich’s fifteen years’ experience in the device/protocol testing arena spans development of automated and manual testing tools in a variety of languages including Java, C and C#, creation and interpretation of interoperability/conformance test specifications, and acting as lead test engineer on a variety of projects. This experience covers having worked with a wide range of wireless protocols including ZigBee, NFC, DLMS, GBCS, 2G/3G/4G cellular, and IEC61850/MMS. In recent years, Rich has worked with several global smart meter manufacturers, performing joint development and testing, whilst also developing CyTAL’s Smart Meter CPA testing capabilities.

Rich's role on our flagship ProtoCrawler software is wide ranging and includes using his experience to steer development of the user interface and end-user journey, implementation and enhancement of protocol modules, and performing joint testing with end-users to better understand their requirements.

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