The CyTAL Team

Get to Know Us

Tony Bio Image.png

Tony Boswell

Senior Principal Consultant

Tom Bio Image.png

Thomas Stenhouse-Pyne

Developer/Cyber Evaluator

Rich Bio Image.png

Rich Harker

Senior Developer/Cyber Evaluator

Esben Bio Image.png

Esben Rusas

Non-Executive Director (DNV)

Matt Bio Image.png

Matt Freeman

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Bio Image.png

Chris Storer

Chief Technology Officer

David Bio Image.png

David Spalding

Chief Commercial Officer

Tim G Bio Image.png

Tim de Vere Green

Non-Executive Director (Origin Capital)

Tim C Bio.png

Tim Cree

Lead Developer

Tarang Bio.png

Tarang Bhargava

Senior Developer

Peter Bio Image.png

Peter Buck

(Associate) Principal Consultant/Cyber Evaluator