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CyTAL is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 9334, from which we perform Commercial Product Assurance (CPA) evaluations according to the NCSC Process for Performing CPA Foundation Grade Evaluations.  


CyTAL also provides lab services to implement testing requirements of other schemes including Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems (CAPSS) and Common Criteria (CC).

CyTAL can test products for vulnerabilities, with a high degree of rigour, using some unique software tools. 

If you are a product developer or vendor, we can support you throughout your development process by providing 3rd party functional and/or security testing including carefully targeted fuzzing. Or, if you are an end-user we can help you to assess the security of the products you are planning to buy.

In addition to cybersecurity testing, we have also designed bespoke test approaches combining functional testing and fuzz testing for vendors. Teams we have worked work with have been pleased with the independent viewpoint and complementary test focus that we bring, and have benefitted from projects designed to provide fast, incremental result packages, and deep support for diagnosing and debugging.

Our team’s history of testing products has also taught us how important it is to support the re-creation and diagnosis of bugs, and to enable efficient regression tests when the bugs are corrected. When it comes to testing, our track record is this – we’ve found problems with 100% of the devices we’ve tested so far, but that need not put you off talking to us!