Tony Boswell

Senior Principal Consultant

Tony delivers technical consultancy, development and evaluation projects across the information security field. With experience spanning highly specialised areas such as specification, hardware and software security, smart cards and cryptography, Tony has worked on security projects mainly in the defence, government, finance and energy industries. Tony is one of the leading technical voices on cyber security and engages globally with clients and partners from junior developers to technical specialists and board level decision makers, bringing theory, experience and innovation to bear on both strategic and process orientated tasks.

Tony’s experience as a practitioner and consultant in security evaluation encompasses UK government schemes (including CPA and CAPSS), the European ITSEC, US Orange Book, Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408 & 18045), EMVCo and card issuer smart card schemes, PCI PIN pad and payment terminal criteria, and FIPS 140 as well as a number of bespoke evaluation schemes. He achieved certification of the Mondex electronic purse and MULTOS operating system to ITSEC E6 (the highest assurance level within that scheme), supported the first certification of a Japanese smart card IC against the Security IC Protection Profile, and was a primary contributor to the architecture and realisation of Common Criteria international Technical Communities (iTCs) and collaborative Protection Profiles (cPPs). He took part in one of the pilot CPA evaluations, and has been a lead author and editor for a number of Security Characteristics and international Protection Profiles, working also on the practical interpretation of evaluation requirements within technical communities. Tony has been involved in a range of consultancy projects for critical infrastructure bodies/providers and has extensive knowledge of IT, smart metering, industrial control systems and cyber-physical systems/processes.

Tony’s role in CyTAL is one of technical leadership, providing consultancy to clients and helping to guide some of the practical development needs for ProtoCrawler.

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